Best Electric Garage Heater 2017

Finding the Best Electric Garage Heater

Do you enjoy hobby work in the garage, hosting social events, or have a private space where you like to decompress? Don’t let the cold of winter stop you! Continue to use your favorite spaces with the NewAir G73 Garage Heater.

It doesn’t look like much at first as it’s barely over a foot tall and considerably lightweight. Despite its small size, it packs a big punch heating your largest areas.

It’s not only proven to be durable and long-lasting but is also UL certified. Products are heavily scrutinized to receive this certification, so you know you’re getting the highest quality safety. All you need for this amazing heater is a 240-volt hookup that runs on a 30-amp circuit.

It’s financially intimidating compared to some cheaper models and brand, but will continually demonstrate its worth through the years.  


The powerful NewAir G73 Heater is only about 15lbs and barely more than one foot tall. It easily heats up to 500 square feet with a heating capacity of 17,060 BTUs.3

The hardwire hookup requires 240 volts that must run on a 30-amp circuit. Considering the potential safety issues, it would be wise to have a professional install this product. Once it’s up, the durable steel shell can withstand the most trying environments.


Despite where you want to place it, the mounting bracket makes it a simple task. When you’re ready to start using it, you can focus on your task or social event without worry.

The automatic shut-off will function according to the temperature you choose. Consequently, the room won’t overheat if you lose track of time while rebuilding an engine or practicing your woodworking skills. If your work requires directing the heat to a specific area of the room, the adjustable slats will do just that.

Beyond these wonderful features, what else makes this the best electric garage heater?

What are the Pros?

Since the NewAir G73 Garage Heater is electric, there is no danger of open flames or toxic fumes. Gas heaters come with the burden of leaks, fires, and running dry on fuel. Some electric heaters use oil to function properly, but that is not a concern here.

Additionally, there are no hoses getting in the way while you work. Gas heaters can be awkward to position because of this, but once you have this one where you want it, that’s it!

Finally, the automatic shut-off feature guarantees an accurate temperature. Set it to the level of comfort you desire and go on about your business carefree!

You’re probably wondering if there’s a catch to all this good news. What issues might you face with the best electric garage heater on the market?

What are the Cons?

If you don’t already have a 240-volt hookup and 30-amp circuit in your breaker box, this can be tedious to install. Assuming it’s already in place, you must find a trustworthy and fairly priced professional to install the heater. This will understandably cost a little bit of extra cash.

Also, once it’s there, it’s there. If you’re looking for a portable garage heater, this is not for you. This heater is meant to be stationary for your work and commercial spaces. Also, if you choose to hang it on the wall, reaching the control knob on the back of the heater might become annoying.

Other than these minor inconveniences, it is difficult to find any issues with this product. It maintains an average 4.5/5-star rating by customers, with little to no credible complaints.

The Big Picture

Regardless of where you require warmth, this is the best electric garage heater to get the job done right. Its small size holds a ton of power. Your investment in the NewAir G73 Garage Heater will not only ensure comfortability but safety as well.

There’s no need to freeze while you work and play. With this heater, you can feel safe and warm while doing the things you enjoy most. If you need some more information, check out our ultimate guide.

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