Best Garage Heater Ideas

If you want to install a heater in the inside of your home, then it might be a good idea to have it installed in a certain way that fits your house. This is because just because you have a heater doesn’t mean you must see all the time because there are ways that you can fit your heater in a way that can fit your home. There are some stylish ways and some functional ways to this so we recommend that you read some more ideas below so that you can use it in your garage.

1. Ceiling Garage Heater

One idea that we recommend is a ceiling garage heater. This is because putting your garage heater on top of your ceiling is one of the best ideas that you can use because it will conceal your heater and will also allow your heater to reach all the areas of your garage. Another reason that this idea is great is because this is an easy way to install your heater as heaters are supposed to be installed on the wall or in the ceiling. Installing your garage heater on your ceiling is decently easy because all you must get is a rack that can support your heater and can be attached to your ceiling. You can get these racks at shops like Home Depot. All you must do now is install your rack, place your heater on top of it so that your heater can stay on top of receiving without being affected by anything else. Finally, all you must do is connect the wiring to the top of the roof and wire it down to where ever you need the power source to be so that your heater can receive wattage to power the heater.

2. Hidden Vent Heater

We recommend this idea to people who don’t want to see the heater whenever they enter the garage. How you can do this is basically concealing your heater in a storage area with a vent that will allow heat to go in and out. This may sound a bit hard but it is decently easy because all you must do is get a room, put your heater inside of it, and then place a vent connecting your garage to that room so that the heater is concealed while the garage is getting heated through the vent. Although this may require some construction and some demolition, it is a bit more effective than other methods that require your heater to be in a different room because the heating won’t support the entire garage and will only heat certain parts of it that are closer to the room.

3. Speaker Heater

The speaker heater is recommended for those who have portable heaters because it is a lot easier to do this. Most of the portable heaters that come nowadays look like portable speakers so we can design your portable heater in a way that looks like a speaker. All you must do is design the interface and the outside exterior of the heater so that it has a speaker element to it. And then all you must do is attach an actual speaker, whether it be Bluetooth or wired, on top of the heater or on the sides of it so that your heater can act as a speaker. This is recommended for those that have garage gyms because instead of installing another speaker system inside your garage, you can simply attach the speaker to your heater so that you are hitting two birds with one stone.


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